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Faraday rotation in a Cavity-type Multilayered Magnetic Photonic Crystal (66684 Views)
optical properties of boron doped sno2 nanoparticlrs (57043 Views)
Design and Fabrication of Tunable Dual-Wavelength Nanosecond Ti:Sapphire Laser (53288 Views)
Designing Optical Decoder Based on Photonic Crystals (36775 Views)
Using optical pulse pump to Control band gap of photonic crystals containing InGaAs/GaAs semiconductor quantum wells (36359 Views)
Investigating the variations of quantum efficiency of DCM laser dye in the presence of colloidal gold nanoparticles (36106 Views)
Synthesis of cordierite glass ceramic nanopowder from mineral bentonite using thermal shock processing (35043 Views)
Study of effect of Polarization of light on absorption index of alkali metal vapor in optical pumping Phenomenon (29009 Views)
The study of laser energy variation effect on improvement of the Raman spectra of Calcite rock And Cyclohexane samples (28431 Views)
A Non-classicality indicator for the properties of Squeezed photonic states in the Wigner representation (17710 Views)
Surface modification and microscopic analysis of eye contact lenses treated by excimer laser (17150 Views)
Effect of Gaussian filter on focusing properties of axilens based photon sieve (16931 Views)
Study of Optical Properties of Titanium Nitride (TiN) Based on DFT Calculation and using by LDA and GGA approximation (16780 Views)
Comparison of slab, spherical, and conical targets in X-ray simulation by using quasi-monoenergetic (15693 Views)
Calculation of Kolmogorov Entropy in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (15543 Views)
Investigation of the Optical Properties of SiO2 Using DFT and PBE Functional and PBEsol Functional (15280 Views)
The Effect of Charge Transfer Processes on Photodynamic Therapy Mechanism (14443 Views)
Investigation of Stimulated Raman Scattering in Continuous-Wave Fiber Lasers with Kilowatt Output (14009 Views)
Increasing the temperature interval of relativistic self focusing of a laser beam by using a upward plasma-density ramp (13738 Views)
Fourier Transform Spectroscopy using Fresnel Diffraction From Phase Step (13678 Views)
The thermal effects of dielectric media on non-classical properties of nonlinear coherent state on a sphere (13594 Views)
Optical properties of quantum wells with position-dependent mass with a point canonical transformation method (13482 Views)
Designing the Refractive Index Profile of Optical Fiber for Reduction of Splice Loss in Optical Transmission Medium (11716 Views)
Theoretical study of the electrical properties of Au/n-GaN Schottky diode (11662 Views)
Relativistic Cerenkov Radiation in a Magneto-Dielectric media (11495 Views)
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Investigation of excitonic and photoluminescence properties of ZnO nanoparticles (6023 Downloads)
Tunable microwave filters based on ferromagnetic nanowires in magnetic photonic crystals (5769 Downloads)
Determining the size and diffusion coefficient of spherical microparticles using dynamic light scattering (5587 Downloads)
Effect of change in chemical potential on optical properties of graphene (4744 Downloads)
Study of the relationship between the scattering angle and intensity of the atmospheric particles, reducing horizontal visibility (4516 Downloads)
Analysis and optimization of multiple solar cells with tunnel junctions (4451 Downloads)
Broadband and high-speed 2×2 electro-optic switch based on hybrid plasmonic waveguide (4369 Downloads)
Thin Film Profile Measurement Using Interferometry (4064 Downloads)
Investigation of optical properties of disturbed square quantum well (3853 Downloads)
Investigation of Sensitivity of the Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Fiber Optic Sensor with Metal Nanolayer (3792 Downloads)
Identification and discrimination bacterias of Gram positive and negative using Laser-induced break down spectroscopy (LIBS) (3693 Downloads)
Synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles (Fe3O4) and study of their optical properties (3628 Downloads)
Investigation on Photovoltaic Properties of Hole-Conductor-Free Perovskite Solar Cells: Temporal Effect on Perovskite Formation Process in Dip-Coating Scheme (3511 Downloads)
Free-Electron Trajectory Equations and Gain Function in a Free-Electron Laser Based on a Laser-Undulator with Axial Guide Magnetic Field (3467 Downloads)
Determining the size and size distribution of nano-spheres by dynamic light scattering and cumulant method (3358 Downloads)
Very low cost and printable Fabrication methods for CuInS2 thin film solar cell (3313 Downloads)
Design and fabrication a fiber optic pressure sensor based on diaphragm fabry-Perot (3182 Downloads)
The Effects of Structural Parameters of GaN Based Asymmetric Doubled Quantum Wells on Optical Gain in Laser Diodes (3153 Downloads)
A study on the physical properties of nanostructured CuO thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis technique Photoconductivity effect (3129 Downloads)
Nonlinear effects minimization deploying optical fibers in proper manner in DWDM system (3126 Downloads)
Non-destructive Measurement of Pesticide Residues in Agricultural Products using Vis/NIR Spectroscopy and Chemometrics (3090 Downloads)
Optical properties of quantum wells with position-dependent mass with a point canonical transformation method (3073 Downloads)
Effect of capping agent on the optical and structural properties of cobalt oxide nanoparticles (3060 Downloads)
Fabrication of graphene by electrochemical exflotion method and study of its morphology (3058 Downloads)
Identification of precious natural crystals using laser induced fluorescence technique (2857 Downloads)
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